Why Earthwool Glasswool?

50 Year Warranty

Earthwool glasswool ceiling and wall insulation products are backed by a 50 year warranty and the underfloor insulation is backed by a 15 year warranty.

Acoustic Performance

Earthwool® glasswool insulation absorbs sound for a quieter peaceful home.

BRANZ Appraised

Earthwool glasswool is Branz appraised to ensure compliance with the building code, AS/NZS 4859.

Reduced Handling

Unique compression packaging means more insulation per pack and more insulation per load.

Super Soft

Earthwool glasswool is super-soft and comfortable to handle which means less itch.

With ECOSE Technology

ECOSE Technology is a revolutionary binder based on rapidly renewable materials instead of petro-based chemicals. It contains no added formaldehyde, phenols and acrylic.

Made Using Recycled Glass

Earthwool glasswool is made up using up to 80% recycled glass making it the best choice for environmentally conscious customers.

No Added Formaldehyde

Earthwool glasswool does not contain any added formaldehyde, improving indoor air quality.

Natural Colour

Earthwool glasswool contains no added bleaches, dyes or artifical colours. The earthy brown colour just comes naturally.

Fire Safe

Earthwool glasswool insulation is non-combustible.